4 Reasons Why KN95 Should Be Your Ideal Choice for Respiratory Protection?

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4 Reasons Why KN95 Should Be Your Ideal Choice for Respiratory Protection?

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Wearing respiratory protection might seem inconvenient, but without it exposure to airborne particles and contaminates can cause severe health problems. Here’s why the KN95 protective face mask should be your first choice for disposable protection. Always wear respiratory protection when your job requires it. Let’s find out why this mask is essential for daily use, especially if you’re working away from the home.

  1. These masks provides great protection, than the genera; counterparts. The N95 Surgical Mask has been rigorously tested in pandemic preparedness studies and it was found as a result that this surgical mask provides sufficient protection against many substances including the Covid-19.
  2. The N95 also reduces the transfer of microorganisms and other airborne particulate matter while reducing wearer exposure to airborne particulates smaller than 0.1 micron, making this respirator ideal for laser and electro cautery procedures as well.
  3. The KN95 masks are available in a flat-fold or moulded option. Flat fold masks are basically are designed in lightweight and thin construction with a soft inner layer for added comfort. Elastic head straps are sonic welded inside the outer layers to minimize pressure points.
  4. The moulded variants consist of lightweight and rigid outer shell to prevent mask collapsing, plus a soft inner layer designed for comfort and convenience. Mask contours with the natural shape of the face to minimize pressure points, reducing the need to fiddle with a metal nose clip.
  5. These are packaged for convenience and hygiene. Each mask is individually bagged for hygiene purposes and they’re ideally sized to fit into a pocket, until the need arises. It also helps to prevent from exposure and contamination when the box is opened.
  6. The N95 Surgical Respirator is made up of latex, PVC and silicone free, which makes this a viable option for people with sensitivities to these materials. These respirators are disposable, which means there’s no fuss to disinfect them before use.

It’s clear that the N95 Surgical Respirator is an excellent choice for respiratory protection. These are both economical and practical, hence you can find kn95 protective mask for sale at a popular online store.