5 New Habits the World Must Adopt Post-COVID-19

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5 New Habits the World Must Adopt Post-COVID-19

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“This virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this virus may never go away,” said the World Health Organization Emergencies Chief, Dr. Michael Ryan. He also added that the world will have to learn to live with COVID-19.

The bleak prediction suggests that there may not be a “post” in the COVID-19 world – not at least for a significant period. This is it!

So, if the world indeed has to learn to live with this virus…

…it must adopt newer habits and norms per the challenges of today so as to remain safe and protected.

Here are 5 new habits we all must adopt as we prepare to move forward:

1. Face masks are the ultimate ‘essential’

Many countries are already making it compulsory for citizens to wear masks when in public places.

Irrespective of whether or not your local government asks you to wear a mask, it is one of the most important weapons in our arsenal to combat coronavirus. Treat it as no less than essential.

There are KN95 protective mask for sale in the market at present; purchase a few.

Or you can purchase simpler and cheaper disposable face masks made in USA; purchase them in a large quantity so that they last longer.

Wear them without failing all the time when you’re outside.

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2. Hand sanitizers to be a part of purse and pockets

Keeping your hands clean is another weapon to beat COVID-19.

However, when outside, it’s a challenge to keep them clean.

This is where keeping small sachets or bottles of hand sanitizers with you all the time will come in handy.

In fact, people must make hand sanitizer a staple for their purses and pockets. They must have it with them all the time wherever they are – much like their phone.

Buy hand sanitizer online, if you don’t have sufficient stock at home already. Make sure it has at least 60 percent of alcohol.

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3. The responsibility of constant awareness

Even to this day the world needs a constant reminder and more awareness of HIV, polio, cancer, mental illness, and more.

Coronavirus must become a part of that list.

As the economies open and we’re back to regular activities, many people would inevitably put their guards off, which will put them at high risk of contracting coronavirus.

To avoid such a situation, as responsible citizens, we must constantly spread awareness – and cautions – so that everyone around remembers the new etiquettes.

Understand, even a small lapse can turn up to be fatal – for the individual, as well as for their family members and friends.

4. Hand gloves aren’t “too much”

No amount of care and caution is “too much”.

So, when you’re wearing the gloves before heading outside or when you’re constantly using disinfectant at home – do not listen to that voice in the head that might say you’re going overboard. Do not even listen to individuals who might say the same.

Of course, you don’t want to be in a state of panic. But you certainly want to be as careful as you can about your health and safety – especially before going outdoors.

Buy vinyl gloves and wear them when you’re out. Maintain social distance from others. Avoid crowded places. These aren’t “too much”.

5. ‘Hello digital’ for nearly everything

We’re already seeing. And the trend is going to get intensive.

Twitter already announced that its employees can work from home permanently. Shopify has followed suit.

A lot of things that used to require physical presence, they will migrate to be digital.

As individuals, we must welcome such changes as a part of evolution.

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Instead of romanticizing how life was without technology decades back, get accustomed to it. Find comfort in tech; get comfortable in doing a lot of things digitally – be it doing your job, taking courses, or consulting doctors via webcam or phone.

The more you adapt to “everything digital”, the easier will life get for you.


Owing to the present challenges which may continue for a near span, it’s essential that we change our habits and shift our lifestyle choices…

It’s essential for not just our own health, but also the health of our friends, family, and every community member.

So, while the world is slowly standing up and cautiously moving forward, help it by being a responsible citizen. Take all the precautionary measures, follow the guidelines, and make the most of the “new normal”.

The new normal might have coronavirus for months and years ahead – but it doesn’t have to be bad. With little efforts from each of us, things can be so much better.