Few Things to Know Before Purchasing the KN95 Mask

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Few Things to Know Before Purchasing the KN95 Mask

The KN95 mask is an essential PPE that is used by people all over the world. With increasing cases of coronavirus, investing in the best kn95 protective mask has become essential. Therefore, read on as we have listed a buying guide so that you can make the correct choice before buying a mask.

Objective of use

Mainly used in construction, agriculture, and by healthcare professionals against airborne particles, infectious agents and viruses, KN95s prevent the wearer from inhaling aerosols, virus as well as vapors or gases that are health hazards. KN95s are currently used for protection against the coronavirus as mandated by the government.

The variants

N95s, KN95s & other FFPs are all respirator masks that are subject to various regulatory standards around the world. The PPE or respirators certified to these standards are expected to have similar performance of protecting the wearer from air borne pollutants, virus, etc. There are slight differences in their specifications, like a variation in the maximum pressure the masks must be able to withstand as a person inhales and exhales.

Is it reusable?

Most of the KN95 masks are not reusable as these are designed with such raw materials, which once in contact with water won’t function well. Therefore, it would be advisable to use it only when it hazardous conditions.

What is the price range?

KN95s have a wide price range based on quantity, availability and level of certification available. The special nonwoven filtering fabric used in KN95s has also become an in demand commodity. Hence, this has increased the demand for such masks not only in the retail business but as part of the wholesale market as well.

Therefore, owing to such demands one of the popular suppliers have designed a collection of such premium KN95 mask that boasts of such functional features that will help the wearer to feel protected amidst the pandemic.

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