Guide to Using the Different Variants of Protective Face Mask

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Guide to Using the Different Variants of Protective Face Mask

The world these days is gripped with the fear of Coronavirus and face masks are a very important sheild to save us from catching an infection. But due to the pandemic, people everywhere are facing a shortage of these masks and hence proper use of face masks is crucial.

Therefore, given below are some essential tips not just on how to properly use the face masks, reuse it dispose it in such a way that it does not cause further infection. If you are looking for premium face masks for your personal use then checkout the collection at the online store of a popular retailer of clean masks USA.

Who should be using which face mask?

If you have not contracted the infection and possess a good health and not taking care of any patient then you do not need a mask. However, you can opt for disposable mask, if notice any preliminary signs of infection.  

Cloth mask – The cloth masks are not supervised for people who are infected with the virus. These do not provide adequate protection from the transmission. However, using an extra filter with a face mask has the chances of increasing its effectiveness but it leads to more difficulty in breathing. For the general people, a disposable and clean face mask will definitely do the job.

Surgical mask – A Loose-fitting, a disposable face mask designed with polypropylene, is effective in blocking droplets, air and sprays which may contain germs, keeping them from reaching mouth and nose. It helps to protect the wearer from infected patients as well.

N95 respirator – The N95 face mask is essentially designed for the medical professionals and other front line workers. It’s made of polypropylene material. These face masks also filter out at least 95% of the small particles. These respirator masks are capable of trapping the small dust particles and virus as well.

It is important to ensure to keep yourself safe and those around you as well. Therefore, whether you are staying at home, or going out for work or running errands, always wear the face mask to avoid the transmission of the virus and protect yourself from the infection. You can find the best quality of clean mask USA at the online store of a popular supplier.