How to Choose the Best Hand-Sanitizer Online?

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How to Choose the Best Hand-Sanitizer Online?

The coronavirus outbreak has led to people following some very basic habits. These habits include covering the mouth while coughing or sneezing, maintaining proper hygiene and cleaning the hands regularly.

Hand sanitizers are one of the most preferred options when it comes to keeping the hands clean. In fact, hand sanitizers may have even become our shield in this battle against Covid-19.  Hence, due to the same reason, you can buy hand sanitizer online from a popular PPE retailer in the industry.

How to find the best hand-sanitizer online?

Even though hand sanitizers can greatly reduce all types of microbes, it won’t be able to kill all kinds of germs. However, various studies have shown that alcohol-based hand sanitizers are more effective at eliminating germs and microbes from your hands.

One of the most important factors that customers need to consider when buying a hand sanitizer is the alcohol concentration.  According to the medical experts at FDA, hand sanitizers having alcohol concentration between 70% - 95% are more helpful and effective at keeping your hands clean and germ-free.

Different types of hand-sanitizer


Sanitizing gels disinfect and evaporate quickly and easily. Most contain alcohol, polyacrylic acid as a binding agent for the gel, and plant-based oils such as aloe. The advantage of gels is that you can control the amount you use, and a relatively small amount is needed to disinfect both hands.


Hand sanitizer sprays work the same way gels do, rub hands until dry. The difference is that sprays dispense an alcohol-based disinfectant in liquid form, providing coverage in two or three squirts. The advantages to hand sanitizer spray are one-handed delivery and in most cases greater portability and ease of access.

Therefore, before making a purchase for the best variant of hand-sanitizer, do look through the collection of other PPE that the retailer has in store and make your purchase accordingly.


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