Parent’s Guide To Using Hand-Sanitizer Safely For Children

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Parent’s Guide To Using Hand-Sanitizer Safely For Children

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Washing hands with soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds is the best way for children to kill the COVID-19 germs. If soap and water are not available, they can use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. However, cases alcohol poisoning amongst the children has been reported in the last few months. Hence, it is advised to the parents to comply by certain guidelines, when it comes to the usage. You can find hand sanitizers online created for safe usage for the children.

Check the label

The Food and Drug Administrationor the (FDA) began allowing companies that do not normally produce hand sanitize, to make and sell it during the COVID-19 pandemic. When buying hand sanitizer, parents should make sure it has a label that lists the ingredients, warnings and precautions.

Home-made hand sanitizers

With some shortages of hand sanitizers during the COVID-19 crisis, it may be tempting to make your own hand sanitizer. However, this may not be the best option. The FDA warns that the home-made hand sanitizers may not be as effective, even it might be counterproductive as well. Thus, stick to the medically graded variants.

Some guidelines for the parents to follow:

  • When using hand sanitizer on the kids, apply a dime-sized amount to the dry hands. Rub hands together until completely dry.
  • Keep the hand sanitizers out of reach of pets and children. Young children, especially toddlers, may be attracted by the pleasant smell and the brightly colored bottles.
  • Young children should only use hand sanitizer with adult supervision.
  • Make sure children do not put any hand sanitizer into their mouth. Consuming even a small amount of it, can cause alcohol poisoning in children.
  • If you suspect your child has ingested hand sanitizer, contact the doctor immediately. Do not wait for symptoms to develop.
  • Watch to ensure children do not rub their eyes when their hands are wet with sanitizer.
  • You don’t need to be concerned if your children eat with their hands or lick their hands after using hand sanitizer, as long as hands are dry.

Hence, buy hand sanitizers online offered at reasonably priced economical units. You can also find other equipment’s like essential face mask and gloves, at the store. Place your order to get the products, delivered within 48 hours.