Staying Protected From Germs During Halloween

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Staying Protected From Germs During Halloween

Whether you’re looking to protect from the novel coronavirus or the seasonal flu — or both! — there are some great tricks that you can put into place to help you stay safe from germs and still have plenty of fun this Halloween. While this year will be like none other before it, you don’t need cut out all of the fun! You just need to add in more safety.

Best ways to protect from the flu
Here are some great way to help yourself stay germ-free this Halloween season, both as an individual and as a family unit.

Balance sweets with veggies: One of the best things about Halloween — especially with little ones — is candy! However, staying health and germ-free is going to start with a strong immune system. Balance sweets with your veggies and fruits so that you aren’t compromising on your overall health and safety.

Brush your teeth and wash your hands: After candy and sweets, make sure you brush your teeth immediately. This keeps your enamel strong! Strong teeth are integral to a healthy and balanced diet.

Be cautious with your social groups: Part of staying safe is going to be in being careful who you let be part of your social group. Where you often roamed freely from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, trick-or-treating, try to keep it limited to your own neighbourhood and a small group of friends or family.

When it comes to who is part of your social group, also do as many things as a family unit as possible. Decorate your pumpkin, decorate your yard, make your own face mask as part of your costume, etc. There’s never been a better reason to hang out with your family!

Attend only outdoor events: When you do attend events outside of your family bubble, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got the best face mask and that they are only outdoor events. Whether you choose an n95 face mask or a DIY mask, the right face covering is going to help you enjoy the season as safely as possible.

Have fun with masks: Speaking of masks, really explore all sorts of options this Halloween. After all, this is your best socially accepted time to wear a mask, so really play that up by having fun! Parents and children both can dress up and still enjoy the holiday as normal. Choose a medical face mask or a surgical face mask and be a doctor! Want to have a more creative costume? Make a Halloween-themed DIY face mask! The sky’s the limit and it all helps keep you germ-free.

From social distancing to proper hygiene to wearing the right face mask, protection of your health is as much about the everyday things as it is about the bigger things, like face masks. If you want to stay germ-free this year and protect yourself from the flu, all of these tips will help lead you in the right direction to a safe and exciting Halloween season.