The Benefits of Wearing KN95 Masks

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The Benefits of Wearing KN95 Masks

Everyone and their dog is talking about masks these days. With all of the different options and customizations, it’s easy to get lost when you are trying to figure out what kind of mask is best for you and understand why, too. Here’s all you need to know about the superior KN95 mask

What is a KN95 mask?

KN95 masks are examples of high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) that puts a lot of energy in the material used. Very thick and protective in its filtering ability, it will be lightweight and thin on the face, but offer much better protection for airborne pathogens than other average disposable masks or homemade masks.

Designed to be worn daily with no discomfort or chafing in either the face mask or the elasticized ear loops, KN95 masks are worn by many people in high risk positions to protect them efficiently and comfortably. 

Featuring a beaker fit, this gives you space to breathe and talk without feeling as though you are suffocating or dealing with a mask that feels as though it’s in you mouth, these are great for commercial use as well as those in positions where they ask questions and take down information. 

What are the benefits of wearing KN95 masks?

There are many benefits and perks to wearing KN95 masks as opposed to traditional N95 masks or cotton ones. Some of the highlights are listed below for you.

  • Space to breathe means easier long-term wear: The combination of the beaker fit as well as the added space in the mouth area makes these much easier to wear long-term as opposed to other mask styles. This helps you keep them on longer with no distress or discomfort, even in high movement positions. 

  • Curved to fit the human face for better comfort: These are designed to curve with the face and mimic its times and falls so that the mask can better feel like it is an extension of you rather than something that makes you feel restricted and frustrated. This also minimizes chafing or scratching to help keep your hands off of your face.

  • Offer you 95% protection for airborne germs and contaminants: KN96 masks offer you impressive 95% protection from airborne germs and other contaminants so that you can have better trust in what you are wearing to work or out or when you are in public.

  • True versatile sizing: With flexible sizing and an adjustable nose piece as well as ear loops that you can shorten or lengthen as needed, you’ll be able to get a better fit and comfort for you each and every day. 

  • Disposable for stress-free trust every time you need one: Since these are disposable masks, you’ll be able to have a trustworthy mask that is fresh from the box every single time for better trust and security when you head out. 

  • No matter how you look at it, KN95 masks are the right call for the modern shopper looking to protect themselves in commercial and busy settings. 

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