What are the Mask Practices We Still Need to Follow with Now the Vaccines Rolling Out

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What are the Mask Practices We Still Need to Follow with Now the Vaccines Rolling Out

With the circulation of the Coronavirus vaccines gradually in progress, the number of SARS-CoV-2 infection cases is at last on the decline, which comes as welcome news after the record high spikes on the brink of January. But even with the vaccine rollout, authorities are still urging the significance of face clean masks USA, and in a few cases, double face masks. 

But between cloth face masks, surgical face masks, the N95, and the KN95, it can be overpowering to decode the finest option and for whom. 

KN95 vs. N95

Even though there are many different selections to pick from, the newest reports are that fitted, non-valved N95 face masks are the finest for the highest level of protection.

The biggest perk to the KN95 or the N95 face masks is that they filter 95% of aerosol particulates. Both face masks are made from different synthetic fabric layers and are meant to be worn over the nose and mouth. By sporting the face mask properly, they both filter out 95% of aerosol particles that could potentially be carrying the novel Covid-19.

Surgical vs. N95

If you don’t have access to a KN95 or N95, a surgical face mask is the next best choice. Nevertheless, the newest report is that it might be best to double mask surgical face masks to heighten their efficiency. 

Surgical face masks leak around the edge of the face mask when the user inhales. When correctly worn, N95s have the least leakage.

Surgical face masks do not offer the wearer a trustworthy level of protection from inhaling smaller airborne particles. N95s filter out no less than 95% of airborne particles. 

Surgical face masks do not have a user seal check need. N95s do have a seal check need. 

Surgical face masks do not have a fit testing need. N95s do have a fit-testing need.

N95 vs. Cloth face masks

The last choice would be cloth face masks. Cloth face masks are not tested or regulated, and each kind of cloth has a different level of filtration. 

That said, a cloth face mask is preferred over no face mask at all. But to have the highest amount of filtration and protection, a doubled-up surgical face mask or a correctly worn KN95/N95 is preferred. 

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