Why You Should Wear Masks To Avoid a Second Strain Of Covid-19 Virus?

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Why You Should Wear Masks To Avoid a Second Strain Of Covid-19 Virus?

With the second wave of covid-19 virus on the verge on becoming a serious issue, the health experts are asking the public to wear face masks. This can actually has intensified in recent few weeks, as the coronavirus has continued to affect many people in the USA, UK and the other countries.

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  1. The primary source of coronavirus spread is through person to person. In this the respiratory droplets produced by infected person’s coughs, sneezes or talks can affect a healthy individual. Face masks, has the ability to block these droplets. These masks essentially act as a barrier to keep the virus-containing particles from escaping an infected individual and landing on another person.
  2. The masks are primarily recommended to those people who knew they had COVID-19, so that they can protect others around them. When it was proved that the virus was airborne and was transmitting through humans too, then health care officials asked people to wear it outside of the home as well.
  3. A few studies suggest disposable face masks can offer a great of protection to the wearer, therefore it is advised for them to wear it at all times. This should be considered as a collective benefit. The more people who block the transmission of the virus with face coverings, the less virus there is circulating in the community.
  4. The vaccine is already being delivered to the individuals on an age wise basis. However, until everybody has taken their shots, it will be advisable to wear a mask so that the individuals can protect themselves from the virus. The disposable face mask are available for the general public and can be worn outside of the home and if there is a possible contact with an infected person. Therefore, please follow the regulations of the government to curb the spread of the virus.

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