Alanic 7-7-7 Program

Alanic Active wear was established in 2006 as an affordable, high-fashion athleisure brand. Alanic has always let you make statements with your clothing, encouraging you to be your best at the gym, on your morning hike, on a coffee date and even training for and running a marathon.

Today, Alanic wants to help the running community take extra precaution in what used to be simple everyday activities. Alanic understands that the community at large and the distance running communities all need to work together to get through these trying times and has developed the 7-7-7 program to help.

Every purchase runners make from benefits them, their participating marathon and Feeding America.

The message to your runners goes as follows:

Feeding America
Here is a list of our participating marathons and long distance runs. 
The San Francisco Marathon
See the message
Berkeley Half Marathon
See the message
Seattle Marathon
See the Message

To find out more about this program please contact Victor Rubio, or call, 415-640-3157. 

Alanic and Clean Health USA are subsidiaries of The Dioz Group.

The Dioz Group are FDA Registered for importing and distributing medical grade products. We know that there are numerous sites out there claiming to sell product that will either be available in several weeks or will never ship at all, we ship all orders within 24-48 hours. We at The Dioz Group are FDA registered to import and distribute medical grade products and we do so at a reasonable price.

For more verification on our FDA status, please review click here.

For additional information regarding Feeding America, please click here and here.