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Mask Ready is a strap attachment for your face mask, which helps keep your mask clean and on hand at all times. When you don't need to wear your mask, your Mask Ready strap keeps it around your neck without having to put it down and risk getting it dirty or misplaced.  

  • The Mask Ready kit comes with 2 different color straps and a pouch to hold your mask and straps.
  • The straps can be attached to the ear loops of any mask.
  • Perfect for all ages (children 3 and up) and situations - for school, office use, exercise, daily errands, and even outdoor dining!
  • Designed and assembled in the USA.

Pouch and straps are excellent ways to both store and keep your mask and your child’s mask always ready.  Never lose your mask or your child’s mask now that you have your Mask Ready Kit.

This item comes as one pouch and two straps. Image of pouch are front and back. 

Mask Ready pouch and strap. Instructions for using the strap:

  1. Open the Mask Ready strap's clasp and thread it through both ear loops of any mask. Close the clasp.
  2. Holding the clasp and bead in your hand, put Mask Ready strap over your head. Both straps should be behind your neck. Put on your mask.
  3. Adjust the bead to tighten or pull the mask loops away from your ears as needed.
  4. When you don't need your mask, keep it ready by loosening the bead and letting the mask hang around your neck.